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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Double Dagger

Double Dagger is from the best place in the Mid-Atlantic Chesapeake Region of the Eastern United States: Baltimore, MD. Its like Ocean City, MD but without the Ocean, Casinos, and a boardwalk but it's like tots a city. Their sound especially in Lie/Truth is a mix between Butthole Surfers with their breakdown speaking evolving into rock and the punk feel of Fugazi from the "Repeator" era in 1990, which is insanely awesome.

Word on the street is that Double Dagger offers a "precarious mix of art-punk DIY aestheticism, hardcore political and social commentary and straight-up pop hooks.” I'm glad the pop hooks are straight up at least, otherwise I'd be worried.

Double Dagger - Lie/Truth (YSI)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Best Coast

Last Tuesday night I traveled to Echo Park to see Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino, Bobb Bruno, and their drum machine's first ever show at the Echo Curio. Best Coast oozes California fuzz post punk distortion. The show was tiny, but offered an intimate glance into this fledgeling band, endearing those around on the similar vain of Mirah's live cut rendering of "Dancing in the Dark."

Definitely check out "The Sun Was High (So Was I)" Its catchy simplicity makes it a great song for lying out in the summer sun. "In my Room" is good too but definitely check these guys out.

On the off chance that either Bethany or Bobb read this post, please please please get a real drummer, at least for your live shows. Not to go all "the drum machine killed music" but don't you have a friend that could knock around on the drums for an hour? It's not like the drum pattern was complicated by any means. Anyway great effort on the part of Bethany for putting this all together and we look forward to seeing what they will produce in the future.

Best Coast - In My Room (YSI)