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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beach Fossils and Friends

Here are a couple of gems that I've uncovered in the post-ironic interweb. Yes I've posted Kurt Vile recently and yes I'm going to do it again. After listening to Beach on the Moon you'll understand; or perhaps not, but I don't care.
Beach Fossils are Brooklyn's Dustin Payseur, John Pena, and Sennott Burke. They've got quite the habit of making dreamy, slightly fuzzed pop. According to Stereogum "the word “fossils” rightly hints at nostalgia that goes deeper and more distant than a few summers past." Yeah like really long ago. Also it appears that they're pretty good friends with the Eternal Summers since they were planning to do some SERIOUS CHILLAGE in nyc.

Beach Fossils - Youth (YSI)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Lil Bump and Grind

Never have I heard an artist so unabashedly beg for sex. R. Kelly's smooth beats and quality production do a great job masking the reality that he spends the entire song telling some chick how hard and how deep he's going to pound her. With songs like this you can really appreciate how much ass R. Kelly gets. It really explains his whole child peeing incident, because with that much ass, he had to bored and want to move on to "other things." Check out the music video for the LP version above, its solid. In 1994 R. Kelly was the shizdizzle. I would die a happy man if I could work half as much game.

R. Kelly - Bump and Grind (Old School Mix) (YSI)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Twin Sister

Blasting off from Long Island, the quintet otherwise known as Twin Sister is killing it. They've just released two EP's, Color Your Life and Vampires with Dreaming Kids. If you're bored and looking for some remixing, they've offered up samples from all of their recordings on their site to see what people can come up with. They're playing at the Echo in LA on July 27th and I will definitely be there to fawn over them. If you see someone getting kicked out for trying to get on stage it'll probably be me. Enjoy their sound; its pairing quite nicely with this summer heat and Mike's malbec.

Twin Sister - I Want a House (YSI)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


GROUPLOVE, formally known as GROUP, will be releasing their debut EP tomorrow both as a physical release and a digital download. In addition to "Colours," which has already been featured here, "Gold Coast" is my favorite track off of the EP. The song illustrates the bands confidence and creativity, given its sparse nature. The band will be performing two shows May 11th and 26th in Los Angeles. Check out their myspace for more information.

GROUPLOVE - Gold Coast (YSI)


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Ontario, Canada's Memoryhouse is the recording project of neo-classical composer Evan Abeele and photographer Denise Nouvion. The band choose the name “Memoryhouse” as a tribute to German composer Max Richter’s seminal work. says they mixes ambient loops, breezy samples, aquatic guitars, and burbling synths. Some say their sound is fresher than Beach House's but let's be honest thats not possible. The remix is real good definitely check it out. Lately is their popular tune that great for getting sensitive. Gian Lorenzo Bernini is my favorite by far.

Memoryhouse - To The Light House (Millionyoung remix) (YSI)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile is a guitarist and singer from Philadelphia, PA. When not playing with The War on Drugs, Vile collaborates with his backing band the Violators to make some lo-fi post-punk fuzz. Things make sense when you consider he was just signed by Matador Records in 2009. Both Hunchback and Overnight Religion are solid tracks. Each show Vile's post-punk and softer side respectively.

Kurt Vile - Hunchback (YSI)