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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Good Brooklyn band named this. See below:

WidowsPeak - Harsh Realm

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Johnny Royal

Who is this guy? Does any body have any leads?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010


Tennis is Denver-based husband and wife duo pumping out pop diddies like no one's business. The band was formed about a year ago when the couple bought an old sailboat in Florida and toured the Eastern seaboard for seven months; writing songs sporadically. Eventually they blew all their cash on moorage fees and lobsta dinners and had to flee back to Denver to record. Marathon is a legit and comes off their 7" hit train.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


The song is "Caregiver," by Memoryhouse.

Scenes are from Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors (1964).

Friday, November 19, 2010

Roman Candle

Roman Candle was Elliott Smith's debut album as a solo artist, which he recorded while still in Heatmiser. It has recently been released and remastered to showing off a few of Smith's best.

The Moondoggies

The Moondoggies are four dudes out of Everett, Washington making some sweet tunes. A former high school band turned business men turned real band in Seattle is now what we call the Moondoggies. Now signed to Hardly Art, an offshoot of Sub Pop Records, there pumping out some solid stuff and touring with Dawes. Changing is a solid track off their debut album Don't Be a Stranger and It's a Shame comes off their recent EP. Definitely check them out.

The Moondoggies - Changing

Ariel Pink

Made by Delo. It's what the world looks like when your flip camera takes acid.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Wobbulator

It's like a microkorg for your television.

Here's to anybody who used to play with magnets and the computer screen back in the day.

Massive Attack

A cool video from Spoonize's reel:

Massive Attack - Danny the Dog

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Pogo

The amazing remixer is back with his take on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Following some work at Disney (apparently), Pogo released his new track a few days back and it has been taking over the Internet. Check out the video above to see where he finds the sounds.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sun Ra

Sun Ra is the mastermind behind some of the sickest free-from jazz to come from the modern era of music; and at the same time, his style established a precedent for hip hop that cannot be refuted. He claimed to be of an "Angel Race," not for Earth, but Saturn, insisting his birth name belonged to, "an imaginary person who never existed...Any name I use other than Ra is a pseudonym." Enjoy, Earthlings.


Safari has been out on the road for the last two months promoting their new album Maybe Tomorrow - a hearty straight rock album for anybody who is sick of flittering hipsters dancing around microkorgs . The current lineup is comprised of Marco Narone on drums, Billy Webb on bass, and Nico Walker on lead/vocals. Walker brings to the table a visceral voice like he doesn't give a fuck, and a set of lyrics cut from his experiences which include a two year tour with the Line Infantry in Iraq.

Breathe Owl Breathe

East Jordan, Michigan's Breathe Owl Breathe is new folk gold. Singer Micah Middaugh drummer Trevor Hobbs and cello/ vocalist Andrea Moreno-Beals craft some pretty sweet melodies. The band was formed in 2004 when Andrea had just finished her sixth week at Oberlin College, where she met Micah at a Dairy Queen in Northern Michigan. Being the academic she is, she dropped out, and holed herself up with Middaugh and now-bandmate Trevor Hobbs in what they call “magic central,” a small log cabin commune in the Michigan woods.

Dogwalkers and Dragon come off their most recent album Magic Central and Toboggan comes from their first full-length album Canadian Shield. Real solid tracks; working well with the Baltimore fall.

Nisargadatta Maharaj Dropping Straight Up Knowledge

If any of you need something to meditate on look no further. Nisargaddatta will help you out. Here he discusses themes from his seminal book I Am That in 1973.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Phantogram is Saratoga's psych pop street beat darlings. Their new label, Barsuk Records (home to indie bigwigs Death Cab, nada surf...), claims Phantogram's music "sounds like it's made by a band from the city (I think that means The New York City? Joe might know them). Electronic loops, hip-hop beats, shoegaze, soul, pop — each finds its way into their songs. Unexpectedly, the band doesn't live and work in a major urban center, but rather calls the town of Saratoga Springs, NY" Pretty kwel.

The intro of Mouthful of Diamonds is magic in motion; sound magic. When I'm Small and Turn it Off are legit as hell. Definitely check these dooders oot!

Phantogram - Mouthful of Diamonds

Photo cred to David Kepner Photography, who shot them last tuesday at the Bluebird in Boulder, CO.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Angus and Julia Stone

Angus & Julia Stone are the brother-sister duo from Newport on the Northern Beaches outside Sydney, you've all been hearing about. Their parents are musicians and their dad heads a cover band so naturally they're going to make a band. Angus and Julia Stone began to collaborate in 2006, each having gained experience as solo artists beforehand; that year, the two released their debut EP, Chocolate and Cigarettes. In the years since, they've released a bunch of EPs and two full-lengths.

Julia's lyrical style is a folky blend of Coco Rosie and Joanna Newsome with the inflections of Lykke Li; And The Boys is the best example. Angus brings it on the guitar and splits lead vocals, offering the band much more range. If you didn't like Laura Marling, you'll love these guys and if you liked Laura then you're going to Love A&JS. Definitely check 'em out.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The War on Drugs

The War On Drugs is Philly's best music export that Jason has never heard of. TWOD's backbone is the collaborative matchup of Adam Granduciel and Kurt Vile(which you already enjoy and dearly love). They began playing as The War on Drugs in 2005, and self-released a demo EP. Definitely check out their debut LP for Secretly Canadian Records, Wagonwheel Blues, which was released in 2008.

Coming through is by far my favorite single and There is No Urgency and Taking the Farm are standouts from Wagonwheel Blues. Their road jam style is sure to please as autumn slowly kills our summer buzzes.

The War on Drugs - There is No Urgency (YSI)

Stardeath and White Dwarfs

Stardeath and White Dwarfs is Norman, Oklahoma's experimental rock band. The band has released one album, one single "Toast & Marmalade For Tea" on Half Machine Records and a self-titled EP. Their first full-length album, entitled The Birth, released in 2009, on Warner Brothers.

The band has made some significant headway on the path to become authentically relevant through their close collaboration with the Flaming Lips. Stardeath's Dennis Coyne is the nephew of Flaming Lips lead singer Wayne Coyne. In fact their connection to the Flaming Lips goes deeper as Casey Joseph, Matt Duckworth and Ford Chastain of Stardeath all worked as roadies/ techs for the Flaming Lips at one time. This connection has fueled such collaborations as the The Flaming Lips' 2009 remake of The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd with Henry Rollins and Peaches.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Music on the Way

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Please excuse Bennett's post. He's been super over-tired and cranky. The real story is that the three editors of STEREO/PASTE went down to Cabo for a little R&R (here's a pic of yours truly and some blogger groupies on our yacht), which was fantastic, until Bennett gambled us into debtors prison. After two months of mariachi music and barnacle scraping, we're back on the map. Keep an eye out for the next big playlist this weekend, but for now, enjoy some sick Zambian folk music, played on a homemade guitar...

Ken's Song - A Traditional Era from David Tree on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh Yeah, Wazzup?

Seriously, we've been slacking on posting, but fear not! We're making a comeback. The three of us have decided it was all Joe's fault for the hiatus, so sorry.

Anyway I thought it was easiest just to throw out a ton of stuff that I've been listening to. Its going to be across the spectrum but I don't care, just deal with it.


Also cheers to Mike for help with this post. He's currently offering Asian Cooking Classes in his kitchen if anyone is interested in enrolling.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Black Mountain

Vancouver, BC's Black Mountain is psyche rock gold. Mixing down home crushing guitar and 60s styled psyche, they're sure to please. Druganaut comes off their 2005 EP and Angels is my favorite of their 2008 In The Future effort both on Jagjaguwar Records. Definitely check them out.

They're playing the 26th at the Bootleg Theater in LA.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Freddie King

Rumors of a summer hiatus are false. All this hot weather has rendered us useless, well not all of us..ahem.. Any who,

Freddie King is the man. Texas claims Freddie King as its son, but although he was born on a farm near Gilmer in 1934, King's real contribution came as one of the young musicians from Chicago's West Side who challenged the Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf South Side musicians starting in the late '50s. Some great stuff to check out. The lesser known of the three "Kings" of blues, Freddie's blues guitar riffs have shaped rock guitarists for generations and after listening its easy to see why.

Friday, June 4, 2010

My June Playlist

Lo-fi chillwaving out of Lafayette, Colorado is Gauntlet Hair. These self-proclaimed BFF's Andy and Craig have been putting out some solid material recently and are about to release their first cut from Forest Family Records.

Black Moth Super Rainbow's headman Tobacco has been busy and he's just released a new solo album that's decent but gives the impression that BMSR's sound hinges completely on front-man Tobacco.

Brooklyn rock duo She Keeps Bees is great. Imagine if Cat Power had a shred of rock and testosterone to back it up.

Front-man of the Black Keys, Auerbach has put together some solid solo material. A must check it out if you dig the Keys at all.

Ariel Pink is still sick. This song keeps me happy even when I'm trapped on the 101 S. They're playing July 9th at the Echoplex and I will be first in line.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beach Fossils and Friends

Here are a couple of gems that I've uncovered in the post-ironic interweb. Yes I've posted Kurt Vile recently and yes I'm going to do it again. After listening to Beach on the Moon you'll understand; or perhaps not, but I don't care.
Beach Fossils are Brooklyn's Dustin Payseur, John Pena, and Sennott Burke. They've got quite the habit of making dreamy, slightly fuzzed pop. According to Stereogum "the word “fossils” rightly hints at nostalgia that goes deeper and more distant than a few summers past." Yeah like really long ago. Also it appears that they're pretty good friends with the Eternal Summers since they were planning to do some SERIOUS CHILLAGE in nyc.

Beach Fossils - Youth (YSI)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Lil Bump and Grind

Never have I heard an artist so unabashedly beg for sex. R. Kelly's smooth beats and quality production do a great job masking the reality that he spends the entire song telling some chick how hard and how deep he's going to pound her. With songs like this you can really appreciate how much ass R. Kelly gets. It really explains his whole child peeing incident, because with that much ass, he had to bored and want to move on to "other things." Check out the music video for the LP version above, its solid. In 1994 R. Kelly was the shizdizzle. I would die a happy man if I could work half as much game.

R. Kelly - Bump and Grind (Old School Mix) (YSI)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Twin Sister

Blasting off from Long Island, the quintet otherwise known as Twin Sister is killing it. They've just released two EP's, Color Your Life and Vampires with Dreaming Kids. If you're bored and looking for some remixing, they've offered up samples from all of their recordings on their site to see what people can come up with. They're playing at the Echo in LA on July 27th and I will definitely be there to fawn over them. If you see someone getting kicked out for trying to get on stage it'll probably be me. Enjoy their sound; its pairing quite nicely with this summer heat and Mike's malbec.

Twin Sister - I Want a House (YSI)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


GROUPLOVE, formally known as GROUP, will be releasing their debut EP tomorrow both as a physical release and a digital download. In addition to "Colours," which has already been featured here, "Gold Coast" is my favorite track off of the EP. The song illustrates the bands confidence and creativity, given its sparse nature. The band will be performing two shows May 11th and 26th in Los Angeles. Check out their myspace for more information.

GROUPLOVE - Gold Coast (YSI)


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Ontario, Canada's Memoryhouse is the recording project of neo-classical composer Evan Abeele and photographer Denise Nouvion. The band choose the name “Memoryhouse” as a tribute to German composer Max Richter’s seminal work. says they mixes ambient loops, breezy samples, aquatic guitars, and burbling synths. Some say their sound is fresher than Beach House's but let's be honest thats not possible. The remix is real good definitely check it out. Lately is their popular tune that great for getting sensitive. Gian Lorenzo Bernini is my favorite by far.

Memoryhouse - To The Light House (Millionyoung remix) (YSI)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile is a guitarist and singer from Philadelphia, PA. When not playing with The War on Drugs, Vile collaborates with his backing band the Violators to make some lo-fi post-punk fuzz. Things make sense when you consider he was just signed by Matador Records in 2009. Both Hunchback and Overnight Religion are solid tracks. Each show Vile's post-punk and softer side respectively.

Kurt Vile - Hunchback (YSI)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Volcano Choir

Volcano Choir is a bunch of doods from Wisconsin. Its a collaboration between Jon Mueller, Chris Rosenau, Jim Schoenecker, Daniel Spack, and Thomas Wincek of Collections of Colonies of Bees and this francophile guy named Justin Vernon. The collaboration predates the meteoric rise of Vernon’s Bon Iver project, with original songwriting dating back to the summer of 2005, right around the time the Bees first toured with Vernon’s previous band DeYarmond Edison.

It's has been gloomy in Baltimore for the past week and Volcano Choir fits perfectly with the mood, which will carry on beautifully for June Gloom in LA. Their biggest hit is Island, Is and it's easy to see why. Cool Knowledge is my favorite song; short and very sweet. Volcano Choir's album, Unmap, is great all the way through. Imagine Vernon with more instrumental variety. Collections of Colonies of Bees is really solid in their own right and definitely worth getting into.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


The German DJs responsible for "Toca's Miracle 2008" have a slew of other remixes that might not be club favorites, but are definitely worth a listen. "Better Run" wanders between different subgenres while "Shadows" maintains a standard progressive beat. I know it has been a while since I have posted, so enjoy.

Those Usual Suspects - Shadows (Inpetto Remix)

Tocadisco feat. Nadia Ali - Better Run (Inpetto Dub Mix)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Un poco de música cubana

I don't know about any of you guys but its definitely the season for a little latin flavor. Jack Anderson invented Cuban music in the late 1980s when he started Brunch Jungle Records in a tiny shack outside Havana. Today the genre has blown up across the world and I have found a few diamonds for you to enjoy. Havana Cultura's remix is awesome. Pasa El Borrador is a little thug jam thats sure to keep you moving. Patria Querida and Lagrimas de Soledad are old school reimaging of Buena Vista Social Club's distinctive sound.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I don't know if anyone else has a hankering for some indie pop-laced dubstep. I think a lot of dubstep gets a terrible image from its fans e.g. pokemon and rave kids. Although its got a softer, romantic side that this mix really gets into. So put away your Barry White and turn up the dub and Mike this might be a great mix for your next "study" date. Its sure to get leotards droppin' in no time.

Also Autumn in New York is a terrible movie

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wild Nothing

Wild Nothing is the solo project of Virginia born Jack Tatum, who’s music is the product of an unhealthy obsession with nostalgia. E Unlike the current brand of one-man bedroom bands, Tatum aims for something higher. Cloudbusting is real solid. I've been on a huge Real Estate kick and this really supplements my jonzing for shoegaze in the meanwhile. All are solid tracks enjoy today amigos.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SECRET cities

Based out of Fargo North Dakota, Secret Cities has made a name for themselves, producing layered synth-pop that makes the eyes glaze. Their debut album, due in June on Western Vinyl, is the final product of their senior thesis on Brian Wilson and youth spirituality. There has been a lot of love out there for Wilson-esque harmonies and feel good vibe in modern indie scene from Panda Bear and the like, but none take it in the direction of Secret Cities. Definitely enjoy.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Despite his young age, Joker has already made a name for himself in the weird world of dubstep. The 20-year-old Brit combines a variety of electronic elements to create his signature creepy sound. But once the bass drops on "Tron," you'll have a hard time not nodding your head to the beat.

Joker - Tron (YSI)


The new Los Angeles-based band has the confidence and fresh song-writing ability to make a name for themselves in the crowded indie rock arena. With a mixture of different influences, the band is easily accessible and unbearably catchy. Listen to their debut single below or go onto the band's myspace.

GROUP - Colours (YSI)

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Why? is a trio of Cleveland transplants to the fair city of Oakland. The band is led by Yoni Wolf and his brother Josiah and their buddy Doug. Yoni is an art school dropout who has honed his lyrical style on his family synagogue’s 4-track, while convincing his drum playing brother to join his cause out in California.

Doug also went to high school with the Wolfs and later got kicked out of U of Cleveland for carrying a stun gun, where they played in a Steve Miller cover band and took key bumps in Starbucks' bathrooms with the door closed. The following songs come from their third full-length studio album called Alopecia on Anticon/Tomlab records. Yoni blends a unique vintage of lo-fi freak-rap drizzled over an indie shortcake. Sure to please the senses, though not for the kids.

Simeons Dilema - Why? (YSI)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good Stuff

Noah Baumbach's (much anticipated) Greenberg is out in theatres. Unless you live some place besides New York. Then you're kind of out of luck. Starring the fireman from Orange County, the movie follows a New Yorker who travels out to Los Angeles to house-sit for his brother. Guess who wrote the complete soundtrack? None other than James Murphy and LCD Soundsystem. Check out this single from the forthcoming soundtrack CD (via March 9 press release). It kills.

Not to be confused with Hey You, the Pink Floyd song from The Squid and the Whale.


Pictureplane (aka Travis Egedy) is a 24 yer-old artist based in Denver, Colorado. He made himself known playing regular shows at the warehouse where he lives - a place called Rhinoceropolis (dig its high-tech webpage here). He's pretty intense, but just right for certain when you're raving with some speed-freaks and wanna get down. Readers who enjoyed our post on Neon Indian might be especially interested.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Eternal Summers

Eternal Summers is a dude named Daniel on drums and a chick named Nicole on guitar that call Roanoke, Virginia their home. They have just released their self-titled 8 song EP, which is available the internet machine. This unsigned duo gives a new face to jangly surf pop. Think of it this way; imagine if Best Coast had a real drummer and had a little more jangle to their wangle.

Able To is their popular tune on the interweb and is getting some moderate buzz after SXSW. Kry is great. Their sound on most of their softer fare is akin to Baltimore's blessed Beach House, which isn't a bad thing whatsoever. To be fair I picked up this duo up after Dane Reynolds posted them. So here's to you Dane; not bad.

Kry - Eternal Summers (YSI)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Frank Black

Honeycomb is the eleventh studio album by Frank Black, which was released in July 2005 on Back Porch Records in Nashville, TN. It's his first original solo work since 1996's The Cult of Ray. If you haven't been keeping up with Frank Black after the death of the Pixies, well this is what he's been up to. Honeycomb is quite a departure from Black's normal fare with the Pixies and Black Francis but it's definitely a noteworthy look into this artist's ability.

I Burn Today - Frank Black (YSI)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Name Dropping...

King Rat

Modest Mouse | MySpace Music Videos

"King Rat"
Directed by Heath Ledger
Animation by Terry Gilliam
Music by Modest Mouse
(new line-up, of course, with Johnny Marr)

That's a lot of stand-up names for a rather disappointing CD. Though Modest Mouse continues to drift towards effervescent bubbliness, this is actually a pretty cool song from their most recent album, No One's First, and You're Next. It was originally an out-take from their previous album. Probably because it didn't fit in with the smooth, alternative vibe they were going for then.
Regardless, Enjoy.

Tony Joe White

If anyone of you are a fan of J.J. Cale then Tony Joe White is going to be in and around your alley. His distinct southern blues tied with Cale-like guitar riffs, punched up with powerful brass make for some magic. Polk Salad Anne is his biggest hit. Its good but its his simplest work. Willie and Laura is down-home swamp blues and Roosevelt and Ira Lee have a great adventure together. Wish I was there.

Polk Salad Anne - Tony Joe White (YSI)

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Fit for almost any occasion, Gramatik's Street Bangers Vol. 2 combines soul, jazz, and hip-hop beats for a very listenable and consistent album. Over the past couple weeks, I've found myself playing this album over and over. Hailing from Slovenia, Gramatik was probably the only MC in the country for some time. According to his (fairly cheesy) biography, music invaded his life from a young age. The effect is obvious in the music, though, as each song employs influences from very diverse areas.

Gramatik - Just Jammin'

Gramatik - Hit That Jive (YSI)

Gramatik - The Prophet (Version 2.0)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Delta Spirit

Delta Spirit is a group from San Diego. These sounds are off their last album, Ode to Sunshine. The vocals by Matt Vasquez are distinctive; reminds me at times of Alec Ounsworth from Clap your hands which makes sense since they've been touring together along with Dr. Dog and Cold War Kids. The mix of instruments really make this album especially their brass section. Trashcan is the popular tune but I'm more a fan of Parade. Let me know what you think.

Trashcan - Delta Spirit (YSI)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Vetiver is a perennial grass of the Poaceae family, native to India. Mats made by weaving Vetiver roots and binding them with ropes/cords are used in India to cool rooms in a house during summer. The mats are typically hung in the doorway and kept moist by spraying with water periodically. It acts like an air-cooler when wind from a fan or outside hits it. It also adds a pleasant aroma in the house which is commonly described as "cool" and "refreshing".

Vetiver is also an awesome folky offshoot of Andy Cabic based out of San Francisco. You might recognize Cabic from Devendra Banhart's Cripple Crow album, which he co-wrote and produced. Vetiver has been around for a while and often collaborates with Banhart and freak-folk sweetheart Joanna Newsom. I've posted a few songs from their latest effort "Tight Knit" on Sub Pop. Everyday is the most popular tune from the LP but its also the most sensitive. Through the Front Door is my favorite by far. If you can, definitely get this album. It's been perfect listening during Snowpocalypse 2010 and even better now that the Big Melt 2010 has started.

Through the Front Door - Vetiver (YSI)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Everybody's Favorite Topic

Some sinsemilla sounds to beat through your eardrums. Richie Spice is a contemporary reggae artist from Jamaica, currently making some waves in the UK's infamously gritty dub scene. He's got a melodic tone that makes him ripe for remixing and overlays, but original tracks maintain this vintage sound with throwback guitar riffs, and a multi-percusive rhythm section.

Ugly Casanova

Isaac Brock -- known best for his singer/songwriter contribution to Modest Mouse -- developed somewhere down the line, a persona called Ugly Casanova. When Modest Mouse started touring heavily, Brock began to dress up under the pseudonym and do sideshows in order to dodge press sent by his record label. His acts weren't always musical, but more along the lines of an Andy Kaufman bit. Makes sense from a man who got hooked on meth while working cross-country as a truck driver. In 2002, when he wanted to record a side project, contractual agreements with his label necessitated him to release it under his Ugly Casanova moniker. It is a stripped-down treatment of his already idiosyncratic songwriting, but with a little more funk vibes (in the body of a skiffle band). Final product comes out sounding along the lines of Beck's demo album -- One Foot in the Grave.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some Highlife

It's been a while since I last posted on Highlife music, so I think something like this is in order. Unfortunately, the band's name is not listed on the recording of this "concert-party" from a dancehall show around the 1930's. The song was was pressed in Ghana on a shellac record, and the fact that it has survived at all is a miracle. Solid horns and base; really catchy chorus. Hope you enjoy.

And here's an unrelated throwback made of gold:

House Grooves

It's been a while since I've put up some dance numbers. My listening in the last couple months has shifted away from house and into more organic sounds. Regardless, I always love my house jams and here are some recent standouts.

This track by Peter Brown combines all the traditional elements into a tidy and well-produced package. Good ups and downs and a solid breakdown.

Peter Brown - I'll House U (Swanky Tunes Mix)

Erick Morillo has been a big name for a while. Add this to your collection.

Erick Morillo - I Get Lifted feat. Deborah Cooper (Original Mix)

EDX has been the subject of many posts on Stereo/paste for good reason. His latest continues the trend of very clean and listenable progressive house.

EDX - Party of Politics (Original Mix)

The final song is a bit of a darker tune, not meant for the dance floor. The production is as crisp as can be, though, and the song is definitely interesting enough to merit a few listens.

Cirez D - Glow

Monday, February 8, 2010

King Tuff

King Tuff is crazy music. King Tuff or Kyle Thomas is a musical recluse from Brattleboro, Vermont. He's just released his first full-length album called Was Dead on Colonel Records. After listening to the album, "Sun Medallion" immediately jumped out at me as the stand out track. Sun Medallion has the potential to reach a lot of people with its lo-fi sound and vintage revival guitar riffs. Connection and Freak When I'm Dead are great too. If anyone is interested VBS has a great interview. All I can say is Hail to the King.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Slim Harpo

Here's another old-time delta blues legend. Slim was an orphan from Baton-Rouge, born in 1924. Probably one of the most important pioneers of electric-blues, Slim was never a full-time musician. He ran his own trucking business. His songs are basically standards; you'll hear them covered six ways to Sunday. A notable example is The Rolling Stones cover of "I'm a King Bee." It's basically a note-for-note copy/rip-off/tribute whatever you wish to call it. I'm laying down two tracks which have received a little less play time in their old age. Killers none the less.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Beach House

The 3rd LP from Indie favorites Beach House demonstrates a more refined sound and stronger songwriting than their previous efforts. The quality holds strong throughout all ten tracks. The single, "Norway," follows the bands signature sound (simple drum machine, guitar line, and Victoria's smooth vocals) but creates a fuller sounds than other tracks. I haven't given the album enough of a listen to give a full review, but this is definitely a CD to check out. They unfortunately won't make it out to Philly or NY until May, but at least we'll have some new material until then.

Beach House - Norway (YSI)

Beach House - Lover of Mine (YSI)

Friday, January 29, 2010


Have no fear y'all, a new crime-fighting frenchman is on the loose. The world no longer needs to fear a lack of pumping bass and catchy electro. Danger is that hero. This guy is truly a stand out on his newest release EP III. I'm definitely going to keep and eye on this guy.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ernie K. Doe

Ernie K. Doe (born Ernest Kador) was a staple of early soul from New Orleans, who eventually blended into obscurity, and back out via eccentricity. Before his death in 2001, he was known to tramp about the bustling music scene in a green cape and a crown, trumpeting his title as Emperor of the Universe. His daughter still runs his old night club down in Louisiana, and his jams still rock. This track, "Mother-In-Law," made K-Doe the first artist to ever produce a #1 chart-topping single from the depths of The Big Easy. 1961. I'm posting it with another song off his album Here Come the Girls! to show he's worth his weight in gold. Not capes. 


If you're looking for some funk that HASN'T been sampled a thousand times over, Jean-Claude Pelletier's 1974 Streaking! album is a diamond in the rough. It's got some unique and punchy baselines, but the large rhythm section is what makes the album stick. He backs off where more popular artists from this period of blaxploitation sounds would lay on the horns. I'm a huge brass fan, myself, but there are so many unmistakable hooks coming out of the grind-organ alone. So why is it so rare? God knows. Probably because it's French. Since Streaking! was never released on CD format, the vinyls fetch exorbitant fees wherever you can find them. Basically, if you want some virgin tracks with an extremely raunchy soul, dig through this guy; because, in the end, aren't we all looking for a virgin with some grit?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

To be honest Joe was the one to recommend this amazing album but he's been too lazy to post it and I couldn't let that happen. Anyway 25 year-old Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson is great artist from Brooklyn. He has just released his second album called Summer of Fear on Saddle Creek Records with the help of Kyp Malone (TV on the Radio), Chris Taylor & Christopher Bear (Grizzly Bear) and Say Hey Records. Its some incredible songwriting by a talented young guy. Buriedfed, The Debtor, and Woodfriend start off his self-titled debut album and really give you the best idea of his material. Most impressive for me is Buriedfed.

Buriedfed - Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (YSI)
The Debtor - Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (YSI)
Woodfriend - Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (YSI)