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Monday, December 29, 2008


Studio is a Scandanavian electronic band with a soft and melodic sound that makes them an easy listen. Their CD West Side was well received last year, but the remix of the title track is a great electro song with their vocals overlaid nicely. The remixer, Klumpfisk, really should have chosen a better name, but do a great job of treating the vocals as an instrument. The "solo" at around 3:30 makes the song pretty memorable.

Studio - West Side (Klumpfisk Remix)

This is one of their singles from last year. It demonstrates their sound at its best.

Studio - No Comply

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Robot Ate Me

On Vacation, released in 2004, was Ryland Bouchard's third album under the moniker The Robot Ate Me. It's slow and dreary, from the rainy Pacific NorthWest, but if you get it going loud, makes for haunting winter ballads. Even though the album predates The Eraser, songs like The Rupublican Army might remind you a bit. Maybe not. Low-fi drums and interesting use of nostalgic vinyl sounds. Check it out:

Sunday, December 14, 2008


 Here's some electro I've been listening to:

Air France-
A Swedish band whose music has been described as "post-rave bliss", "beach foam pop", and "balearic disco". Also Pitchfork has rated their newest album an 8.6.

Boat Club- (Pictured Above)
Another band from Sweden also Gothenburg This Duo of swedish electro hounds has just released a two track ep:


Walter Meego-
A good export from Chi town

White Lies-

Let me know what you guys think about this new stuff. 

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bob Dylan

I know posting old Dylan tracks isn't very characteristic of this blogatorium, but that's a damn shame. I guess the point is that there's already far too many Bob Dylan connoisseurs out there, lord knows. Still, this particular track deserves to see much more daylight. It comes from a bootleg set called "The Minnesota Tapes," a practice session recorded in 1961. The low-fi hum you hear is, regrettably, the bassist learning to play along. Nonetheless, it's one of my favorites of all time, a Woody Guthrie cover.

(If you can find it, try to get the whole 3-disc set. It's pretty astounding, especially for a rehearsal. He even tells some jokes about New Jersey)

...and some old Cut Copy (like totally before they were famous)

These tracks are from Cut Copy's debut EP "I Thought in Numbers," which was released in 2001 on Modular Records - home of the heavenly Yeah Yeah Yeah's, some old Klaxons releases, and even MSTRKRFT. The EP makes greater use of samples and house loops than their current stuff, with less vocals. Good for DJ kicks or whatever if you're sick of hearing "In Ghost Colours" everywhere by now...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Cut Copy

Cut Copy is releasing an EP for their "Far Away" single. The final track on the EP had previously been unreleased. With possibly the best CD this year, I was obviously very curious to hear any new tracks. This stands up as pretty standards Cut Copy fare, with vocals used as a track and dancy synths.

Cut Copy - Sands of Time

I am also posting a favorite remix of theirs by Moulinex, the Munich-based remixers.

Cut Copy - Lights & Music (Moulinex Remix)

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Hours

The hours are a relatively new band (2004) who's single "See the Light" sounds like it could be taken off a Coldplay cd. The remixes, however, provide for some good electronic music.

These two remixes are very different but great in their own ways. The first is a Calvin Harris that has his signature synth, but an added track that is by far one of the catchiest I have heard. I have been playing this one pretty much nonstop since I got it a few weeks ago. Really a great remix.

The Hours - See the Light (Calvin Harris Remix)

The second is a remix by Dekker and Johan. It's a bit less catchy, but altogether a good song. Good repeatability.

The Hours - See the Light (Dekker and Johan Vox)

Also, check out the creepy video directed by Tony Kaye (American History X) and starring my love Sienna Miller. Weird shit. I'm not even sure that I like it, but it's worth looking at.

Bon Iver - Blood Bank EP

This EP has been leaked a little earlier than its anticipated official release in late January. I think this is more along the strain of "For Emma, A Long Time Ago" however the last track "Woods" plays more like The Album Leaf with acoustic guitar mixed with voice manipulation. I don't know how I feel about this voicebox  movement, which has been picked up and carried into oblivion by Top 40 power pop Hip-Hop. I'm interested to see what you gents think. All and all I'm still a fan of Justin Vernon; just a little concerned about his direction if this is the way he's going.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


In anticipation of A Cross the Universe, here is a track off the CD that will accompany the DVD release. It's the remix of Phantom that they play at their shows that always leads to some of that violent fist pumping.

Justice - Phantom 1.5

In addition, here's a great remix of "We are Your Friends" with a much more electro feel.

Justice - We are Your Friends (Cold Blank Remix)