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Thursday, October 21, 2010


Phantogram is Saratoga's psych pop street beat darlings. Their new label, Barsuk Records (home to indie bigwigs Death Cab, nada surf...), claims Phantogram's music "sounds like it's made by a band from the city (I think that means The New York City? Joe might know them). Electronic loops, hip-hop beats, shoegaze, soul, pop — each finds its way into their songs. Unexpectedly, the band doesn't live and work in a major urban center, but rather calls the town of Saratoga Springs, NY" Pretty kwel.

The intro of Mouthful of Diamonds is magic in motion; sound magic. When I'm Small and Turn it Off are legit as hell. Definitely check these dooders oot!

Phantogram - Mouthful of Diamonds

Photo cred to David Kepner Photography, who shot them last tuesday at the Bluebird in Boulder, CO.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Angus and Julia Stone

Angus & Julia Stone are the brother-sister duo from Newport on the Northern Beaches outside Sydney, you've all been hearing about. Their parents are musicians and their dad heads a cover band so naturally they're going to make a band. Angus and Julia Stone began to collaborate in 2006, each having gained experience as solo artists beforehand; that year, the two released their debut EP, Chocolate and Cigarettes. In the years since, they've released a bunch of EPs and two full-lengths.

Julia's lyrical style is a folky blend of Coco Rosie and Joanna Newsome with the inflections of Lykke Li; And The Boys is the best example. Angus brings it on the guitar and splits lead vocals, offering the band much more range. If you didn't like Laura Marling, you'll love these guys and if you liked Laura then you're going to Love A&JS. Definitely check 'em out.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The War on Drugs

The War On Drugs is Philly's best music export that Jason has never heard of. TWOD's backbone is the collaborative matchup of Adam Granduciel and Kurt Vile(which you already enjoy and dearly love). They began playing as The War on Drugs in 2005, and self-released a demo EP. Definitely check out their debut LP for Secretly Canadian Records, Wagonwheel Blues, which was released in 2008.

Coming through is by far my favorite single and There is No Urgency and Taking the Farm are standouts from Wagonwheel Blues. Their road jam style is sure to please as autumn slowly kills our summer buzzes.

The War on Drugs - There is No Urgency (YSI)

Stardeath and White Dwarfs

Stardeath and White Dwarfs is Norman, Oklahoma's experimental rock band. The band has released one album, one single "Toast & Marmalade For Tea" on Half Machine Records and a self-titled EP. Their first full-length album, entitled The Birth, released in 2009, on Warner Brothers.

The band has made some significant headway on the path to become authentically relevant through their close collaboration with the Flaming Lips. Stardeath's Dennis Coyne is the nephew of Flaming Lips lead singer Wayne Coyne. In fact their connection to the Flaming Lips goes deeper as Casey Joseph, Matt Duckworth and Ford Chastain of Stardeath all worked as roadies/ techs for the Flaming Lips at one time. This connection has fueled such collaborations as the The Flaming Lips' 2009 remake of The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd with Henry Rollins and Peaches.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Music on the Way

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Please excuse Bennett's post. He's been super over-tired and cranky. The real story is that the three editors of STEREO/PASTE went down to Cabo for a little R&R (here's a pic of yours truly and some blogger groupies on our yacht), which was fantastic, until Bennett gambled us into debtors prison. After two months of mariachi music and barnacle scraping, we're back on the map. Keep an eye out for the next big playlist this weekend, but for now, enjoy some sick Zambian folk music, played on a homemade guitar...

Ken's Song - A Traditional Era from David Tree on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh Yeah, Wazzup?

Seriously, we've been slacking on posting, but fear not! We're making a comeback. The three of us have decided it was all Joe's fault for the hiatus, so sorry.

Anyway I thought it was easiest just to throw out a ton of stuff that I've been listening to. Its going to be across the spectrum but I don't care, just deal with it.


Also cheers to Mike for help with this post. He's currently offering Asian Cooking Classes in his kitchen if anyone is interested in enrolling.