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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Sorry to everyone who has been checking the site, only to notice our lack of posting for pretty much the last month. With a writer in Cyprus and the other two just trying to finish up finals, we were all pretty busy. But as this is our 100th post, I would like to thank everyone for reading and getting some new music. I have two songs definitely worthy of the occasion, both sure to get the blood flowing and lead to a great night out. Sebastian Leger and Chris Lake are two of the best out there, having been featured on Stereo/Paste many times before.

Sebastian Leger & Chris Lake - Word (Original Mix)

Sebastian Leger & Chris Lake - Aqualight (YSI)


thomas said...

danke. EDC today and tomorrow w00t w00t. your missin out son

steve said...

how about a new June or July playlist??

Philipp. said...


thomas said...

how about a new June or July playlist??

+1 do it