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Sunday, September 20, 2009


The time has finally come for the mau5 to finally deliver his much-anticipated 2nd (or 3rd) official release. Set to come out October 5th, For Lack of a Better Name includes many tracks that have already been leaked in one form or another online. Many were already selling on Beatport. After a first listen, this CD completely differs from Random Album Title. To begin with, RAT (whether intentional or not, this is very clever) is a nearly perfect electronic album. The listener follows carefully crafted ups and downs that span through progressive, deep, and electro house genres. This album spans genres, but rather abruptly. Honestly, this is more convenient to the listener, but is not quite as rewarding. The first half is for partying, the second for headphones. While I don't love "bot" or "word problems," the end of the album is simply beautiful. "Strobe" comes out of nowhere to close the album in a simple and ethereal way. I think the exposure to many of these tracks before they came out ruined the excitement for me a bit. In all fairness, when I first heard each song, the same joy swept over my face knowing that the mau5 had done it again. The three that I hadn't heard have had the same effect. For any fan of electronic music, this album is a must, must get. Mr. Zimmerman is so technically proficient that almost any music he makes will at least sound good. Each track on each song is so perfectly interlaced that if all else fails, he can at least have a future in production. I'm posting the first and last songs on the album to give an idea of how far-reaching it is. They are also two of the more interesting Deadmau5 releases, with live drums on the former and a 4 minute plus build up on the on latter.

Deadmau5 - FML (YSI)

Deadmau5 - Strobe (YSI)


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