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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Wheel

Denver, Colorado's Nathaniel Rateliff is the singer-songwriter behind both Born in the Flood and The Wheel. The Wheel's debut album, Desire and Dissolving Men is an impressive collection worthy of its attention. Rateliff boasts some very capable assistance from his string duo, but it's Rateliff who strums, plinks, and beats (lightly) on six different instruments on the record. And, as I've heard, it's "his high, emotive tenor and his charcoal sketches of human frailty that shine."

Slow is the ultimate getting sensitive song of this Autumn. I think its his best track off the album, and I expect the burgeoning generation of altbros to play this track for their own little Lux Lisbons. The Wheel is a great effort and I'm excited to see what Rateliff comes up with in the future. Enjoy.

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