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Monday, March 23, 2009

Low Motion Disco

In 2007, Swiss duo Low Motion Disco put out their first album, "Keep it Slow," featuring tracks called "Love Love Love" as well as "The Low Murder is Out Tonight." Despite all this funny naming (obviously English isn't their first language) their amazing "remix" of the Five Stairsteps' "Things are Gonna Get Easier" made Pitchfork's list of 100 best tracks of 2008. My brother sent it to me a couple days ago, and I'm currently hooked. They pack a lot of souuul, especially for a couple Swiss dudes. Original sounds and cool vibe. Their songs (with much success) have been remixed by LSB, Sebastian Tellier, Aeroplane, etc. These are my favorites:

Low Motion Disco - "Things are Gonna Get Easier" [ysi]

Low Motion Disco - "The Low Murder is Out Tonight" [ysi]

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