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Monday, August 31, 2009

TV on the Radio

In a very fortunate series of events, Bennett and I were able to go to Outside Lands in San Fransisco for free. Walking around the area, two women drove by to simply give up their three day passes. We were staying at Stanford and had to get back, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity, especially considering TV on the Radio was about to go on. I'm a big fan of their new CD, but resisted posted because all of the songs were already out there in the blogging world. The Brooklyn band was great onstage, made only better by the perfect weather. Tunde thrashed about with so much energy that the crowd had to get involved. While the mixing was a bit off (one sax was significantly louder than anything else onstage), the songwriting shone through. I've included two of my favorite tracks from the new album.

TV on the Radio - Love Dog (YSI)

TV on the Radio - DLZ (YSI)

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