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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ugly Casanova

Isaac Brock -- known best for his singer/songwriter contribution to Modest Mouse -- developed somewhere down the line, a persona called Ugly Casanova. When Modest Mouse started touring heavily, Brock began to dress up under the pseudonym and do sideshows in order to dodge press sent by his record label. His acts weren't always musical, but more along the lines of an Andy Kaufman bit. Makes sense from a man who got hooked on meth while working cross-country as a truck driver. In 2002, when he wanted to record a side project, contractual agreements with his label necessitated him to release it under his Ugly Casanova moniker. It is a stripped-down treatment of his already idiosyncratic songwriting, but with a little more funk vibes (in the body of a skiffle band). Final product comes out sounding along the lines of Beck's demo album -- One Foot in the Grave.

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