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Monday, April 13, 2009

Chris and Thomas

In 2003 Chris and Thomas arrived in Los Angeles, California. The duo’s live debut was on 11/18/03, opening up at the Hotel Café for Alexi Murdoch. They're first full length debut Land Of Sea (2006) was recorded with renowned producer/engineer Mark Howard (Bob Dylan, U2, Tom Waits). The recording didn't get much play until KCRW in Los Angeles picked them up. Broken Chair is great for its harmonies and catchy guitar riffs and vocals. 

Chris and Thomas - Broken Chair (YSI)
Chris and Thomas -  Isn't That So (YSI)


Will said...

these guys are really great. i happened upon them on day on pandora on fleet foxes radio, and they overwhelmed me. i got their CD, and perform some of their songs when i gig around. i was thrilled to find out they were coming to play near me and i am going to see them... i can't wait. get their music.

Tim said...

I agree, Broken Chair is great, but the entire album is packed full of wonderful harmonies, brilliant accoustics, timeless lyrics and an unwaivering dedication to expressing the beauty of non-comercial, prepackaged & processed music... "Don't hang your Heart" is hauntingly beautiful and after "Horse in the Sky", "Riversong" and "Dreaming of Relief" you'll be hooked... I would and do reccomend these gentlemen to everyone who I know has any real taste in music... Do yourself a favour if you haven't already... And if you haven't experienced them live yet... Do so... They are Brilliant...