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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Love Language

The Love Language is Stuart McLamb, Jordan McLamb, Junis Beefmonth, Missy Thangs, Joshua Pope, Kate Thompson, and Thomas Simpson.

Raleigh North Carolina's 7-Man lo-fi indie rock band The Love Language. Vocalist Stu McLamb's songwriting is pretty notable.  Some people have compared them with Animal Collective but I really just don't see it that plainly. Their first album, The Love Language, was released mid-March on Bladen County Records. I have high hopes for this band but we'll see how it'll end up. 
Lalita is their most popular song and I can see why with it's catchy chorus and I love the lo-fi recording.  Sparxxx is pretty good too. It' s guitar seems a little belle and sebastian like especially with the bells behind them. Providence: Good

The Love Language - Lalita (YSI)
The Love Language - Sparxxx (YSI)
The Love Language - Providence (YSI)

1 comment:

Jt said...

Yo props to Love Language and Raleigh, NC. I think this is a solid album with a whole lot of variety (in terms of lo-fi indie). And its only like 30 minutes long so its worth the listen. Good luck to these guys!