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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Surf City

Surf City is a young quartet from New Zealand. They used to be called "Kill Surf City," but there's an unfortunate band in England with the tag, so now the Jesus & Mary Chain reference isn't as obvious at first sight, though sonically, it remains.  But the band makes good on their citations of the Zombies, Sonic Youth, and Animal Collective, among others, as influences. All that said, the guys have a very promising, impressively assured self-titled 6-song EP that was released on Arch Hill Records in 2008. Dickshakers Union is an impressive uptempo song, which got me into this EP. Canned Food which follows it on the album has an awesome bass line in the beginning to keep up the energy from Dickshakers. This band is meant to be listened to loud so, do so.

The cover art was done by artist Steve Keene

Surf City - Dickshakers Union (YSI)
Surf City - Canned Food (YSI)

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