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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jaydiohead- Minty Fresh Beats

Jaydiohead. Where to begin?
This album which is offered for free by Minty Fresh Beats at . The college music "trendier" layman is absolutely inthralled with this Grey Album's bastard step-brother. A commenter on stereogum said he had "masterbated to this three times already today so fuck you haters you're just jealous you're not getting any!" The hipster snobs label this album "sooo 2006 when mashups died." 

So basically there's a pretty big gorge dividing the indie market. I'm  a pretty big fan myself but I get the feeling that any crazed Jay Z or Radiohead enthusiast would hate this because of the extra production involved. Enjoy.

On a separate note:
To respond and augment Knight's recent posts:
1) Coachella was dope electro and dj lineup from headliners to 2pm openners. That paired with impressive indie lineup that's going to take over Indio. Bonnaroo's headliners are as unimpressive (personally) as Coachella's but it's range of artists and level of "star power" is lacking despite the fact it takes up one more night than Coachella. SXSW is unreal and one day I'd check that one out. 
2) I feel I should add a couple Wavves songs that I feel are notable that the little guy left at home.

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